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The Waynesville Police Department started their support of The "Shop with a Cop" program in 2003. The program was established to build positive relationships between police officers and the children of the community. On a weekend day in early December, the Waynesville Police officers and members of the Law Enforcement Departments of  Pulaski County that are involved with the program will take the children that were selected for the program, to the sponsoring store for a day of Christmas shopping. Each child receives money to spend on Christmas gifts. Often a child will buy presents for everyone in the family, but have to be coached by the officer to purchase a  present of their own. It is a very positive experience not only for the kids that are involved, but also for the officers.

Children are recommended for participation in the program by police department members, school employees, social agencies and family shelters. Anyone can nominate a child who meets the criteria of having a social or economic need. The child must also be a resident of Pulaski County.

Community participation is very welcome for the "Shop with a Cop" program. If you would like to donate  money to help make a child's Christmas special, or would like to nominate a child, please contact the Waynesville Police Department at (573) 774-2414.



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